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The Bible is the good news of the Gospel, the love of God reaching out to a hurting, needy world. Victory Fellowship Church FL wants to shed the light and love of our Savior and to minister to those hungry for peace and joy in their lives.

Our mission is tell others about Jesus, how He loves them, how He will forgive their sins and give them the free gift of salvation. Eternal life in Heaven is a life available to anyone who will receive this beautiful and life-changing gift.


Senior Pastor

Our Pastor, Dr. David Murphy has been in ministry with his wife, Virginia, for over 35 years. They began in lay ministry in 1987. He received his ministerial degree in 1995 from the Assemblies of God. He has worked in various positions within the church, including an outreach street ministry, a volunteer as a hospital chaplain, and a church administrator.


He served as children’s pastor for 20 years. In 2009, he and his wife founded & established Victory Fellowship Church in Greenacres, Florida. He obtained his doctorate degree with Interdenominational College and Seminary in 2016 and authored a book entitled, Forgiveness, a Required Course. 


Dr. Murphy and his wife have been married since 1986. They have one married daughter, who lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.  


Pastor David Murphy with his wife Virgin


Victory Fellowship

Founded in 1991

Image by Jon Tyson

Move to Building

Founded in 1991


10 Year Anniversary

July 11th, 2019

Image by Ben White


January 2020

Image by Julian Wan
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